A Poem (in the shape of a bell)

By luke thompson

                                                                               2 0 1 5
                                                                      A year in reflection
                                                              This year I wrote 6 new songs
                                                      This year I learned how cool trains are
                                                  This year I got really drunk in Copenhagen
                                               This year I had a break from being a musician
                                              This year I turned 32 years old but I still feel 19
                                             This year I worked in a cafe for about 6 months
                                             This year I had my 10 year wedding anniversary
                                             This year I listened to the Liturgists podcast a lot
                                            This year I started drinking coffee with cream in it
                                           This year I got to sing at my little brothers wedding
                                           This year I watched the rugby world cup final, twice
                                         This year I saw Ryan Adams play and it was awesome
                                        This year I recorded some new songs on electric guitar
                                       This year I tried to stop drinking coffee & it lasted 4 days
                                      This year we moved into my parents garage to save money
                                    This year I stopped eating grain and sugar (most of the time)
                                   This year I went on 13 aeroplanes and was scared every time
                                This year I started reading about 20 books, but didn’t finish any
                              This year my wife and I had a crazy dream and decided to follow it
                          This year I smoked a couple of cigarettes in Hamburg but didn’t inhale
                        This year I fixed up and old broken electric guitar that my friend gave me
                       This year I was really sad when we said goodbye to our house of five years
                  This year I played in a touch rugby team with some mates (highlight of my week)
               This year we decided to sell all of our stuff and move into my parents garage to save
           Next year we’re moving to Australia to live in a caravan & play music & have adventures
                                                               Hopefully see you in 2016


Two Shows in Australia with Patrick James

By luke thompson

Heading to Australia in June to play two shows with Patrick James. Check out his amazing new tune ‘California Song’. These are the only Australian shows I have planned at the moment. Grab some tickets here.

Melbourne/June 13 – https://northcotesc.ticketscout.com.au/gigs/3588

Sydney/June 27 – https://newtownsc.ticketscout.com.au/gigs/3590


Keep Rolling On – Music Video

By luke thompson

Filmed throughout Germany, Sweden and Denmark in March 2015. Huge thanks to Stu Larsen, Digital Creative Solutions and NZ on Air. Hope you like it



By luke thompson

So happy to finally announce some shows in NZ next month. It has been awhile! Excited that my mate Holly Arrowsmith will be supporting. We’re heading to a few main centres, and playing a bunch of brand new venues (for me anyway). TICKET LINKS BELOW

CHRISTCHURCH Tickets Here Fundraising show for the Abolitionist Society.

TAURANGA Tickets Here 


HAMILTON Tickets Here

AUCKLAND Tickets Here



Strum Strum – Out Now!

By luke thompson

So happy to finally release a few new songs! I felt that these four songs shared a candid simplicity and belonged together on ‘Strum Strum‘. Thank you to everyone who helped make this (Check out the full credits on bandcamp if youre interested), to my family and friends who are as crazy as I am and continue to encourage and support me, and all the amazing friends I meet along the way. There are too many of you to mention here. I don’t mind how you consume it, I just hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends. Thanks for listening. Luke x

You can buy it here on iTunes, Or buy it on Bandcamp. Listen on Spotify or Listen on Soundcloud 





By luke thompson

I had the most amazing time in Europe with my buddy Stu Larsen, travelling to some new places and playing music. I fell in love with Germany, Sweden and Denmark! Thanks to all the amazing peopele I met, I cant wait to see you again soon! P.S I love trains.



Oh Christina

By luke thompson

New song and music video, from an a new small collection of songs called ‘Strum Strum’, coming real soon!! Thanks to Dusty for awesome set design on the video. Long time collaborator Mark Fruish.  And an incredible Director of Photography Chris Mathews. Hope you enjoy it. Luke x


Jack Carty Shows – NZ and AUS

By luke thompson

A few shows with Jack Carty in NZ this week, and then a bunch more shows in Australia throughout December. Details soon.


Lost Songs

By luke thompson

I have decided to release a collection of unreleased songs from the last 5 years, to help finish off my new album. You can buy this collection for $8 or have the option pay more if you would like to help me finish work on my new album. (I guess its my version of a crowd funding campaign). No one has ever heard these songs except some of my friends and family.

Lost Songs - https://lukethompson.bandcamp.com/album/lost-songs

Some of are these are initial rough recordings, done only moments after the song was written. Some are demo’s, others were recorded for albums but abandoned and unfinished. Some are pretty rough, unmixed and un-mastered. And some of these songs are actually among my favourites.

I hope you enjoy them. This will only be available for two or three weeks and then they go back to being lost songs, only existing on my computer and yours.

If you enjoy it or just want to help me get the new album done please share the link. Thank you, always. xx Luke


Coming Up For Air

By luke thompson

Lydia Cole and I are doing two special shows together in June. Playing new songs that we are currently writing and recording, in two of our favourite venues in New Zealand. These are quite possibly the only shows we will do this year.   Tickets are limited and selling quickly! Get them here http://lukethompson.eventbrite.com




Released 15th July 2016
Buy on iTunes

Listen on Spotify

'Strum Strum'

Released 9th April 2015
Buy on iTunes

Listen on Spotify

'To The Common Dark'

Released 15th November 2012
Buy on iTunes

Listen on Spotify


The Vic Theatre (Devonport)
Doors 8pm
Tickets from Tickets page

Vinyl Destination
Doors 7pm
Tickets from Tickets page

Walton Street
Doors 7pm
Tickets from Tickets page

SAT MAY 13th
Doors 7.30pm
Tickets from Tickets page


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