24 July 2016

New album ‘Hosts’ Out Now

Posted by luke thompson under: Music .

Hey mates, I am so excited to finally release this new album. It’s called ‘Hosts’. I made it accidentally last year while I was working in a cafe taking some time off from music. It all started as this excited / strange feeling that I could make something cool using only an old electric guitar (that I had recently fixed) and my voice. It was fun and different and I am really proud of it. I hope it finds you and you enjoy it. Please feel free to share it around with your friends. Thanks to my wonderful family and friends who let me hide away in my obsession while I made this for many months and ignored everything else x

You can check it out at these places and many more. Luke x

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Released 15th July 2016
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'Strum Strum'

Released 9th April 2015
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'To The Common Dark'

Released 15th November 2012
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