3 February 2016

A Poem (in the shape of a bell)

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                                                                      A year in reflection
                                                              This year I wrote 6 new songs
                                                      This year I learned how cool trains are
                                                  This year I got really drunk in Copenhagen
                                               This year I had a break from being a musician
                                              This year I turned 32 years old but I still feel 19
                                             This year I worked in a cafe for about 6 months
                                             This year I had my 10 year wedding anniversary
                                             This year I listened to the Liturgists podcast a lot
                                            This year I started drinking coffee with cream in it
                                           This year I got to sing at my little brothers wedding
                                           This year I watched the rugby world cup final, twice
                                         This year I saw Ryan Adams play and it was awesome
                                        This year I recorded some new songs on electric guitar
                                       This year I tried to stop drinking coffee & it lasted 4 days
                                      This year we moved into my parents garage to save money
                                    This year I stopped eating grain and sugar (most of the time)
                                   This year I went on 13 aeroplanes and was scared every time
                                This year I started reading about 20 books, but didn’t finish any
                              This year my wife and I had a crazy dream and decided to follow it
                          This year I smoked a couple of cigarettes in Hamburg but didn’t inhale
                        This year I fixed up and old broken electric guitar that my friend gave me
                       This year I was really sad when we said goodbye to our house of five years
                  This year I played in a touch rugby team with some mates (highlight of my week)
               This year we decided to sell all of our stuff and move into my parents garage to save
           Next year we’re moving to Australia to live in a caravan & play music & have adventures
                                                               Hopefully see you in 2016


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