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I want to give these songs the best start in life they can get, I want people to hear them and hopefully connect with them. Lately I have come to realize that I don’t make music for money… Sometimes I make money from music, but it’s not why I make music. It’s not the main reward. The main reward is when someone shares with me how they connected with a song, or felt the same way I did. That’s when I feel most useful as a person.

So this album is free.

Feel free to share it with your friends and family. if you want to pay something for it click donate below. Or just buy somebody an ice-cream this week or donate to a charity give some money to a stranger etc etc etc.

I hope you like it. I hope it makes you feel something.


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Produced by Mark Myers and Luke Thompson. Recorded by Mark Myers at Big Sister, Cairns, Australia & The Gedges Studio, Tauranga, New Zealand . Some additional recording by Luke Thompson & Dave Baxter. Mixed by Mark Myers (except for ‘Walls’ mixed by Nic Manders). Mastered by William Bowden (except for ‘Walls’ Mastered by Andy VanDette).

All songs written by Luke Thompson ©Luke Thompson 2012. Except Stride By Stride written by Tim Hart. ©Sony/ATV.

LUKE THOMPSON – acoustic guitar, vocals, piano, electric guitar, mandolin, bass guitar, harmonica, pump organ, bass drums & cymbals. MARK MYERS – trumpet, electric guitar, organ, accordion, pump organ, vocals. TIM HART – banjo, drums, piano, vocals. STU LARSEN – vocals, harmonica, mandolin. MATT BECKETT – double bass. DAVE BAXTER – chinese wood flute. JOSEPH THOMPSON – vocals. SIMON MCMENAMIN – violin – JON HART – Photography.

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